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Lonex Review

Is Lonex a Top-Hole Web Hosting Company?

Reviewed by Cheap Business Web Hosting
Rating: 5.0 5.0

The Personal web hosting plan offered by Lonex is available for only 3.95 dollars per month and offers one of the finest user panels in the entire small business web hosting market. Administering domain names, sites, mails, web site files, databases and stats requires no special capacities and the web hosting CP is built very logically. Lonex Web Hosting is indeed special, because it is not cPanel-driven and everything within its centralized user interface is arranged well. This goes to say that you need just a single login to handle your hosting account, domain names, helpdesk tickets and invoicing transactions. Lonex is also an ICANN-appointed domain name registrar and offers cheap domain registrations and transfers within the web hosting CP itself. This is a great convenience - to manage all your domains and sites under one hosting user account. On the other hand, the cPanel-based hosting companies will provide you with two, three, and at times even four (!?!) logon areas in order to deliver what Lonex Web Hosting delivers with just one.

lonex modern domain name manager

An Easy-to-Use Point & Click Hosting Control Panel

In contrast to the already demode cPanel hosting GUI, the Lonex Control Panel is organized very coherently and clients can manage their web site hosting accounts using simple point-and-click maneuvers. For instance, the File Manager permits drag & drop maneuvers and renders the recourse to File Transfer Protocol software clients entirely needless. Sometimes, the Lonex Control Panel works at least faster faster than its cPanel analogue.

Cloud Web Hosting Plans by Lonex

And it's not just the GUI, in other words the Control Panel, that glows so brightly with Lonex Web Hosting. The best part is that Lonex furnishes cloud web hosting solutions. We are talking here about a real cloud hosting platform where each service is being dealt with by a bunch of very powerful web hosting servers in a cluster. Thus, the hosting storage space cluster, the mail cluster, the database cluster, the web hosting Control Panel cluster, the statistics cluster, etc. build the entire so-called 'cloud' web site hosting platform.

Several Data Center Facility Location Choices

A few hosting vendors give you an option as to where you would like to host your domains. This is namely what Lonex Web Hosting does - it offers US, European and Australian datacenter locations to its customers! You can choose from a list of various hosting solutions, such as web hosting accounts, VPS Hosting accounts, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers. You can choose between different datacenter locations too: the United States of America, the UK, Sweden and Australia. And that's very impressive.